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Rec | Fanfiction #007

It's cold outside but fanfiction warms the little shipper-heart like nothing else. ^^

-> Loved and very recommended

Fandom: Eleventh Hour | Hood/Young
Story: Snapshots | K+ | General
Status: Complete
Author: ObsidianJade
Summary: 50-Sentences challenge. Hood, Rachel, and Hood/Rachel in fifty captured seconds.

Fandom: Eleventh Hour | Hood/Young
Story: Minutes in Hours | K+ | Romance/Friendship
Status: WIP (but each chapter is complete)
Author: ObsidianJade
Summary: A series of Eleventh Hour drabbles and one-shots, none connected, all Hood/Rachel in varying degrees.

Fandom: Eleventh Hour | Hood/Young
Story: Revenge is Sweet | T | Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Status: Complete
Author: ObsidianJade
Summary: Hood. Rachel. Handcuffs. Enjoy. A/N: Author disclaims responsibility for any flushing, hyperventilation, nosebleeds, or swooning resulting from the reading and/or visualizing of this story.

Fandom: X-Men | Wolverine/Rogue
Story: In a Thousand Miles | NC-17 | Romance/Angst
Status: Complete
Author: jenn
Summary: Logan runs. Rogue goes with him and wears leather.

Fandom: Stargate SG1 | Jack/Sam
Story: Waiting | T | Romance
Status: Complete
Author: Akamaimom
Summary: Between Nemesis and Small Victories, there's more than a week unaccounted for. Here's what might have happened...
Tags: misc recs: fanfiction, movie pairing: rogue/wolverine, movie: x-men, tv pairing: sam/jack, tv pairing: young/hood, tv show: eleventh hour, tv show: stargate sg-1

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