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Fandom Quirks

After watching Alice and Tin Man again and again (I mean srsly, is it any wonder that I like these two more than normal tv shows? Cause those definitely lack sometimes in the creative departement. Not to mention a mini series is complete. As in not suddenly cut off somewhere in the middle and they have a (sometimes) shippy ending. *flails*), I am wondering, which book they're going to tackle next.

Not the usual fairytale, I guess, cause that would be somewhat boring and un-creative. Both Tin Man and Alice work so well because they are set in our world and a parallel universe - not in some imaginary fairyland.

Any idea? What would you like to see?

I'm slowly starting to get a craving for minis... =D


*rotfl* Why am I not suprised? First meeting and OMGSQUEE. So predictable...
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