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Good Moooooorning!

"...we have 5.3 °C and clear skies with no clouds. Enjoy another chilly sunny day..."

It is quite unusual to hear the words chilly and sunny in one sentences. Especially in the season of snow and ice. :D

But it's really nice to start your week with a beautiful sunrise and a bird concert. *grins*

boombangbing, your card arrived! Thank you so much, girl, for the first Christmas card of this year. ♥

Tons of virtual ♥ for the_seattlegirl, lostarkeo and carpenyx nd their cute little LJ Happy Holiday gifts! :)

Week will be packed with office work as well as renovating the basement and Dad's old office. Yesterday I looked like a freaking ghost with all the dust and stuff coming from the walls and sticking to me... O_o
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