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Rec | Fanfiction #006

I am on a Life and Crews/Reese trip. Why had TPTB to cancel the show? Stupid people. *pokes* Thank god for fanfiction. :D

-> Loved and very recommended

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Robbery | T | Drama/Romance
Status: Complete
Author: silversurf4
Summary: A vicious string of robberies has Crews and Reese on endless nights of stakeouts when something goes horribly wrong. 21 Chapters in honor of S2 of Life - finished for now - not so much an end as a beginning.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Breaking Point | K+ | Angst/Friendship
Status: Complete
Author: jo_taylor
Summary: When Charlie can't cope anymore, who can he turn to? Set right before Hit Me Baby.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Strange Fruit | M | Crime/Drama
Status: Complete
Author: L. Catherine Dion
Summary: When a woman is found near Santa Monica Pier, Crews and Reese must determine if someone is, quite literally, on a witch hunt.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Where We Stand And How We Fall | K+ | Romance/Angst
Status: Complete
Author: anyadoll
Summary: A one shot; set a few weeks after 'One'.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Orange | M | Romance
Status: Complete
Author: sloanesomething
Summary: "The shower was it, he admits to himself later, when he’s in a mood to admit things to himself."

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: What's Wrong With You? | K+ | Humor/Hurt/Comfort
Status: Complete
Author: Stessa
Summary: She could easily make a list: Ten Things That Are Wrong With Charlie Crews. Based off of episode 2x02.
Tags: misc recs: fanfiction, tv pairing: reese/crews, tv show: life

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