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06 December 2009 @ 01:06 am
Rec | Fanfiction #006  
I am on a Life and Crews/Reese trip. Why had TPTB to cancel the show? Stupid people. *pokes* Thank god for fanfiction. :D

-> Loved and very recommended

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Robbery | T | Drama/Romance
Status: Complete
Author: silversurf4
Summary: A vicious string of robberies has Crews and Reese on endless nights of stakeouts when something goes horribly wrong. 21 Chapters in honor of S2 of Life - finished for now - not so much an end as a beginning.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Breaking Point | K+ | Angst/Friendship
Status: Complete
Author: jo_taylor
Summary: When Charlie can't cope anymore, who can he turn to? Set right before Hit Me Baby.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Strange Fruit | M | Crime/Drama
Status: Complete
Author: L. Catherine Dion
Summary: When a woman is found near Santa Monica Pier, Crews and Reese must determine if someone is, quite literally, on a witch hunt.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Where We Stand And How We Fall | K+ | Romance/Angst
Status: Complete
Author: anyadoll
Summary: A one shot; set a few weeks after 'One'.

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: Orange | M | Romance
Status: Complete
Author: sloanesomething
Summary: "The shower was it, he admits to himself later, when he’s in a mood to admit things to himself."

Fandom: Life | Crews/Reese
Story: What's Wrong With You? | K+ | Humor/Hurt/Comfort
Status: Complete
Author: Stessa
Summary: She could easily make a list: Ten Things That Are Wrong With Charlie Crews. Based off of episode 2x02.
golly sandra, you've grown up really crazy: TV Whoregimmemypickle on December 7th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
Oh, yay! I was always looking for good Crews/Reese fic. Muchas gracias!

BTW, did you hear about the new miniseries by the creators of Tin Man? It's their version of Alice in Wonderland. (It's premiering on Syfy in America tonight.)
Mercy: [Tin Man] DG - princessmercscilla on December 7th, 2009 10:57 am (UTC)
You're welcome. :D I have alot more to share.

Noooo! Why didn't I? I'll check it out rightaway - anything from the creators that did Tin man is definitely worth a try. ^^