Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

Rec | Fanfiction #003

One of my favourite pairings of the Comic-verse and the X-Men. ^^ Oh, and any story by september_chic is very high on my list. Always witty and perfect for turning out the real world.

-> Loved and very recommended

Fandom: X-Men | Wolverine/Rogue
Story: The Course Of True Love... | R | Foof
Status: Complete
Author: september_chic
Summary: The course of true never did run smooth. Rogue's inner Marie is causing havoc... or was it the other way round?

Fandom: X-Men | Wolverine/Rogue
Story: More Than A Rogue | Adult | Action, Angst, Humor, Shipper
Status: Complete
Author: september_chic
Summary: Sometimes we get the balance wrong. Life is not about knowing the answers, life is what happens while you're looking for them. And the bad decisions? The screw-ups? They're what keep it interesting.

Fandom: X-Men | Wolverine/Rogue
Story: Celebrating | NC-17 | Foof, General, Humor, Shipper
Status: Complete
Author: aranenumenesse
Summary: Rogue has had little too much to drink.

Fandom: X-Men | Wolverine/Rogue
Story: Dare Me | Mature | Dark
Status: Complete
Author: Comic-cake
Summary: The Wolverine: An animal, a predator, savage, untamed, brutal.
Tags: misc recs: fanfiction, movie pairing: rogue/wolverine, movie: x-men

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