Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,


I feel like a pin cushion. Too many things went squashy this week so that Mom and I ended up trying to save the damn day. week. Whatever. *sigh*

Dad is moving up on my "Idiots of the Year" list fast. Right next to the Telekom and the stupid tax authorities. The latter needs a serious spanking while the former totally messed up.

E-mails we sent at the end of September/beginning of October as well as those we were supposed to receive (private and company ones), went missing in the Big Cable Spaghetti the telephone company caused during their so-called "maintenance" over the last three months.

barker9, that means, your e-mail with the ideas was probably in the batch as well. I'll send it again today. *headdesk*

Phew, and here I was wondering why clients didn't answer or why we didn't get any contracts. O_o

I have to admit I still prefer the "real paper and phone call" way of dealing with contracts and all that. At least there is the chance of getting lost not so high and, uh, deadly. *snorts*

And to put the cherry on top of this week, the tax authorities don't believe that my mom doesn't own a mobile phone and that we rarely use the phone for private calls. Hello? Internet! *facepalm*

Now we have until Monday to go through the phone bills of last year and mark our private calls (we have a collective bill for company and private calls). As if we have nothing better to do! We have about 5-7 private calls per months out of 200-250 calls. More important work gets pushed aside and I could scream! ARGH!

*grabs pillow and hot chocolate*
Tags: mercy: rant, mercy: real life, mercy: work

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