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23 November 2009 @ 08:10 pm
Rec | Fanfiction #002  
I haven't done this in years. *sighs* But I think it's time to share the awesomeness that is fanfiction. :)

-> Loved and very recommended

Fandom: Tin Man | Cain/DG
Story: On the Edge | M | Romance/Angst
Status: Complete
Author: feistyfox
Summary: The kid could only teeter on the edge for so long before she fell off...

Fandom: Tin Man | Cain/DG
Story: Heart of Gold, Heart of Tin | T | Romance/General
Status: WIP (?)
Author: smokey_n_linus
Summary: Series of ficlets on what could have been...

Fandom: Labyrinth | Jareth/Sarah
Story: A Necessary Deception | S-MA | Romance/Angst
Status: Complete
Author: scatteredlogic
Summary: Sarah thought her defeat of the Goblin King nine years ago was a dream. It was real. But it was also a lie.

Fandom: Labyrinth | Jareth/Sarah
Story: Sacrifices | T | Romance/Drama
Status: Complete
Author: dialinghell
Summary: Her first child for her release... That was Sarah's promise, but when payment is due she offers Jareth, the Goblin King, another deal: Her child for herself.