Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

You're hot when your cold...


Monday morning and you think all is going to be la-la. Phew.

We thought wrong.

The heater in the second cellar had a not-so-minor leak and went all suicidal. Completely with boiling water and black smoke.

The two-days clean up was not pretty, nu-uh, all smelly and fouly and GAH! *pouts* It went so far that my brother and I threw up from the smell. And we don't do that. Ever. O_o

At least this morning has clear sky, lots of sun and the air smells like FLOWERS! :D

And I'm busy eating Sour Dinosaurs Gummi Candy and Berries Gummi Candy. *yum*
Tags: mercy: meep, mercy: rant, mercy: real life, mercy: suh'gar, st. mercy, st. mercy: family

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