Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,


I am reading fanfiction at work. *world faints*

Not-work-safe fanfiction. (More precisely Pee Wee Football and the Superbowl - Tim/Julie ♥ FNL)

It is ridiculious funny how fast I am able to switch from that fanfic to work-related windows when others come in. In under a second. Practice makes indeed perfect. HA!

Not to mention that little voice in the back of my head does this silly "You have no idea what I am doing" dance and sticks it imaginary tongue out. =D

I AM A REBEL! *rotflmao*
Tags: mercy: fandom, mercy: livejournal, mercy: real life, mercy: work, misc recs: fanfiction, tv pairing: julie/tim, tv show: friday night lights

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