Mercy (mercscilla) wrote,

Snagged from flist

Current Books: Ember City (and the sequels)
Current Playlist: Angels & Demons [Original Score]
Current Guilty Pleasure: Lurking around the Net...
Current Colour: Silver, blue and black
Current Drink: Orange juice and water
Current Food: M&Ms *keeps eye on bag*
Current Favourite Show: Stargate, True Blood, Fringe, NCIS, Eleventh Hour
Current Wishlist: Ice Age 3, Angels & Demons, Knowing (Top 3)
Current Triumphs: I actually managed to go back to be daily on LJ. *iz proud*
Current Bane of My Existence: Dad, sisters and Dad's 2nd ex-wife. *urgh*
Current Celebrity Crush: ... (I don't really have one right now. Huh.)
Current Indulgence: Being lazy most of the days. =D
Current Blessing: LJ Friends and Mom
Current Slang: Frak. Unawesome. Phew.
Current Outfit: Sweater, pants and Hello Kitty socks
Current Excitement: NaNoWriMo, Halloween, Eric/Sookie, Rush/Chloe, Daydreaming
Current Mood: ZOMG, WEEKEND! *flails*
Tags: mercy: fandom, mercy: geek!love, mercy: livejournal, mercy: love, mercy: random, misc: meme, st. mercy, st. mercy: friends

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