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The stupid Thursday... turning into a giant Weekend of Fail. Phew.

The Telekom managed to damaged one of their servers on Thursday and we had not internet connection whatsoever. Nada. A laser and several fiber optics have to be repaired and they have no freaking idea when that will be done. *headdesk*

To not make me go crazy (and miss the new episodes of Fringe and Stargate Universe *flails*), we bought a mobile web stick from Medion an hour ago.

The stick connection is not really very fast, so until we have our real internet connection back, I'll just hang in here. Lalala...

One and a half days without internet was and is so not fun. Nope. >_< But recieving your comments of hugness made me forget the crappiness.

Tags: mercy: meep, mercy: rant, mercy: real life, st. mercy
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