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12 October 2009 @ 06:56 pm
The Ivy File  
In one of my weekend posts I stated that I pimped our tiny backyard.

I cut three bags (each 120 liter) worth of ivy. O_o Stupid wall let the ivy grow all over it, to the left, right and even over the wood beams.

At least no little icky things were hiding in the branches and - while growing among it - the wild vine was not mixing with it, so that except for arching muscles in hands and arms, it actually went pretty well. *iz proud*

Now to the three bags. Mom voted for the "burying the dead in the woods" option while I was for the "cutting into pieces and feed to the fish" alternative. =D

In the end we decided to bring it to the Wertstoffhof (in English something like Potential Recyclable Yard or so) which is the safest disposal option but also not exactly cheap because we have to pay 10,00 € per cubic meter. Argh!

What we do to please Mother Nature. *sigh*