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Stargate Universe

I have sore muscles in my hands. Seriously, next time I work the small-back-garden with my feet. =D

To make up for it, I'm finally going to watch Stargate Universe - the sheer overwhelming amount of your posts regarding the show made me do it. *nods*

I'm hoping for some shippy stuff for either Alaina Huffman (1st Lt. Tamara Johansen) or Elyse Levesque (Chloe Armstrong) - but nothing slashy. Sorry. ^^'

I missed the romance that only Stargate was able to provide - or better the not-so-much-romance... *grins*

The new show also made my Stargate Trinity Fanart from last year popular again. ♥

Before I watch it: Is there anything shippy in the first three episodes? Yes or Yes?
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