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Crossover between Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and The X-FIles

Finally! After several attempts I finished the first two chapters of my x-over. The next will come in a week or so (probably earlier).

Title: The Fight For Earth And Atlantis
Author: mercscilla
Rating: PG-13 for now, will go up later
Category: from everything a little bit, I think
Summery: A x-over b/w SG-1, SGA and TXF // a new, deadly enemy raises its ugly head...
Spoiler: SG-1: Season 8 // SGA: Season 1 & 2 // TXF: Season 9
Disclaimer: Well, each one alone doesn't belong to me but as an x-over they does!!! (No, even then they don't but one can dream, right?)
A/N: Well, the characters are a little OOC but that was to expect (it's a shippy x-over, for god's sake!).
You should first take a look at the 'guide' and while you do that you can download the song I used in the first chap. It's by Peter Gabriel - Burn You Up, Burn You Down. You will like it.
I was starting to write the first SGC scene as the song played on the radio and I just had to use it. That it fits the other parts of chap one as well is just coincidence (I swear)
There isn't much action/adventure yet but it will come ;D
A big thank you goes to johnlz4ever who read my teaser and just said: "Go and write!" and to raylion who's two lines will make an appearance in the next chapter(s).

EDIT: Thanks raylion for pointing out the little mistakes ;)

So, to prevent confusion a little guide...



- General Jack O'Neill; CO of SGC // has the Ancient gene

- Colonel Sam Carter; 2IC of SGC // leader of SG-1

- Dr. Daniel Jackson; member of SG-1

- Teal'c; member of SG-1; leader of the Jaffa rebellion

- Dr. Janet Fraiser; leader of the med-team and infirmary

- Lt. Jennifer Hailey; member of SG-1 // 2IC of Sam


- Colonel John Sheppard; 2IC of Elizabeth // leader of SGA-1 // has the Ancient gene

- Dr. Elizabeth Weir; civil leader of Atlantis

- Dr. McKay; member of SGA-1 (sometimes)

- Captain James Elliot; member of SGA-1

- Colonel Steven Caldwell; military leader of Atlantis // commander of the Daedalus

- Dr. Carson Beckett; leader of the infirmary

- Lt. Aiden Ford; member of SGA-1

- Teyla; member of SGA-1


- Agent John Doggett; partner of Monica // works on 'Earth-based' X-Files

- Agent Monica Reyes; partner of John // works on the 'Earth-based' X-Files

- Agent Dana Scully; teaches at Quantico // helps occasionally Monica and John

- Agent Fox Mulder; teaches at Quantico // helps occasionally Monica and John

- AD Walter Skinner; supervisor of the X-Files


SGC: season 8 happened // now in AU season 9 // Janet is alive // Elliot is alive // so up from season 5 AU // in the middle of season 8 they met TXF and defeated the rebellious Asgard and Goaul'd

SGCA: season 1 happened // now in AU season 2

TXF: season 9 happened // now in AU season 10 // the defeat of the aliens with SG-1 is set after 'The Truth'

General Informations:

- established relationship b/t Janet and Daniel // Scully and Mulder (William is alive but now with Scully's mom)

- UST b/t Sam and Jack // Elizabeth and John // Monica and John

- slowly building relationship (meaning: still in the very first beginning) b/t Jennifer and James // Teyla and Aiden

- the girls are friends // no bitching and no cat-fights

- SGC has met TXF // SGAC hasn't, that's why they do not know about Doggett/Sumner and Skinner/Caldwell

- the black oil and the aliens: it was a new genetic experiment b/t rebellious Asgard and some Goaul'd // it was a new kind of symbiote that altered the human body completely // they needed hosts and had an agreement with some humans // through the events in 'The Truth' SG-1 found about the conspiracy and together they defeated them // this enemy is no threat anymore // no comback!

- the new enemy: only this > deadly, deadly, deadly

Chapter I: Burn You Up, Burn You Down

- Somewhere in space -

Slowly the screams died down to helpless whimper, blood began to dry until it was as black as the burned earth it was dripping on. Dusky smoke, smelling like death and tears, hung over the ruins of what had been a beautiful city.

A dark shadow hovered over the battlefield, looking all but like a predator making sure his prey was really dead. One last blazing fireball was shot and hit the Stargate, destroying it. The last hope of rescue laid torn to pieces on the ground.
The shadow that resembled an enormous bee-hive started silently towards the sky, setting course for its new target, its main target. A planet known as Earth.


- FBI Headquarter, Earth -

John Doggett had a very, very hard time surpressing a smirk. He, 'Mister-I-Don't-Smile-Very-Often', was beginning to giggle like a young school-girl.

"Oh, come on, John. It wasn't that funny." Monica was thoroughly pissed. "Stop it. I swear if you don't..." She shoved John but that made him only laugh harder.

"God, Mon. You should have seen your face. The poor guy." He shook his head, closing his eyes. "Sorry, Mon." A raised eyebrow was the only answer.

"What?" John lifted his hands in surrender. "I really am." Monica turned away from him and looked thoughtfully out of the window.

John's smile vanished and he placed a hand on her arm. "Mon? I didn't... Did I say... I'm sorry..."

"No, John. It's not you." She sighed and looked at his hand. "It's... me." Her eyes darted around, not meeting his.

"Monica?" John asked confused. "I don't understand..."

She lifted her head and once more her eyes were far away, not focusing on John. "He was only in lo...had a crush on me because of that so called love potion." Monica smiled but it was a bitter one. "And it wasn't even really a love poition. Only stupid pheromons.You've seen what happened after it wore off. He ran off as if the devil himself was behind him." She looked down at her clenched hands. "Let's face it, John. Without supernatural help I won't find a man."

After several minutes John still hadn't said anything and the lasting silence made Monica tense up. The bitterness in her turned into anger. 'A much better feeling to deal with,' she thought.

"A great fri..." She turned to John but her voice faltered as he lifted one hand and gently caressed her cheek. Her eyes locked with his and the turmoil of emotion she found there took her breath away. Emotions she never thought she would see directed at her.

"I don't need supernatural help to see how beautiful you are." John's husky voice sent shivers down her back. His thumb gently rubbed over her lips. Monica was speechless. Was this the same man who had never shown any interest in her at all? She licked her sudden dry lips and it elicited a low groan from John.

"Not at all...," He said as slowly began to lean forward. "John?" Monica asked in a breathless whisper, her eyes darting forth and back between John's mouth and eyes.

"Well, if my informat... oh, hey Monica, John."

The tender moment shattered and just like two teenager caught in the act they jumped apart. Monica blushed all shades of red while John cleared his throat, embarrassed like hell.

"D-dana, Fox. Glad you... you're here." Monica nervously took two steps back from John.

"You two ok? You look a little... flushed," asked Mulder suspiciously.

Scully rolled her eyes. "Mulder, here's no conspiracy." She walked over to Monica and grasped her hands. "Monica, I know what's going on."

"You do?" Monica squeaked, her eyes widening and snapping to John. 'Oh my God, they know!' Her breath sped up and she began to stutter. "Dana, it-it's not what..."

"What she means is, well, eh..." Then John was equally lost for words.

Scully smiled. "No need to hide it." John stood rooted to the floor while Monica paled, scared to her roots. "I feel the same. Mulder's... enthusiasm can be a little... overpowering and then you just wish to be somewhere else." She patted Monica's hands. "Although simulating fever has never come to my mind," she mused. "Yeah?", croaked Monica.

"Hey, I'm not that bad!" Mulder said indignant. "Am I?" Scully shook her head, hiding a smile and released Monica's hands. "Yes, Fox, sometimes you are." Mulder glared playfully at her.

Monica glanced at John and was taken back by the hot look he sent her. "It's not over yet," He mouthed, smirking as his eyes travelled over her body and then he turned to Mulder, leaving a stunned Monica behind.

'What... was that?' she wondered.

"You ok, Monica?"

She jumped visible as Scully's concerned voice broke through her swirling thoughts and she gave a small smile. "Yeah, sure. I'm fine."

John grinned, knowing exactly what had set Monica on 'fire'.

"So, why I wanted you to come with me is this." Mulder opened one of the files he held in his hands. "These photos were in the box Daniel sent me after the defeat of the rebellious Asgard. Finally answers to some of our questions." John nodded. "Like the one with the black oil. Is it destroyed, right?"

"Yes, all of it." Scully assured them. Mulder gave each of them photo. "This is a so called Repositorium, the database of the Ancients. You remember what happened to Jack?"

"Oh yeah."

"Won't forget that."


Mulder pulled another photo out of the folder. "Now look at this." John hissed, Monica and Scully's eyes widened. "That's impossible." Monica grasped the photo and studied it closely. "It is earth." She passed it to Scully.

"Where did you get it from?" Mulder searched in his brief-case until he found the file of his contact. "Harry Maybourne mailed it to me. Said we should take a look at it before the government 'buries' it. Again." John groaned. "Not that Maybourne. C'mon, Mulder. You know that guy is trouble."

Mulder shrugged. "Maybe but when do you get the chance to see something like this?" Mulder asked raising an eyebrow. Slowly nodding the others resigned themselves to their fate.

"Then it's settled. Let's take the SUV. We could be there in three hours."

Scully glared at him. "You planned this all along, didn't you?" Mulder just gave her the 'Who, me?'-look. John chuckled and took Monica's arm. "Mylady, at your service. I'll keep spooky ghosts away from you." The two women laughed at the face Mulder made. "Haha, very funny, Doggett." But his big smlie belied his sarcasm. Together the left the building.


- SGCA, Atlantis -

"Incoming wormhole! Warning! Incoming wormhole!"

"Could please anyone shut this voice off?" Elizabeth called.

"Incoming wormh-"

"Thank you!" A very irritated Elizabeth Weir paced the lenght of the control room. "Mike, do we have a signal yet?"

"No, ma'am, it..." A message appeared. "SGA-1 code, ma'am! They're under attack!"

Elizabeth literally flew down the stairs to the gateroom. "Open the iris! Security team, take position! NOW!"

Within seconds the defences-troops of Atlantis had followed her command. Elizabeth stood aside, knowing that her troops were the best and her playing heroine would just endanger everyone. But yet she couldn't stop being nervous and tapping her fingers against eachother.

"Where are you, Colonel?" Looking at her watch she counted the seconds that felt like hours.

"What is going on here?" Elizabeth sighed. The wrong Colonel emerged from one of the adjoinng rooms. "Colonel Caldwell. Colonel Sheppard's team is under attack." Despite the tension between the Colonels, they had somehow formed a band that wasn't based friendship but on respect. For now that had to suffice, Elizabeth had decided.

"How long are they overdue?" Anyone else would have missed the slight concern in his voice but not Elizabeth. "4 min and 53 sec."

Caldwell's eyebrows rose but he recieved no answer because in that moment, SGA-1 came through the gate. Well, more like bursting through it. Dust and fire followed them, raining down on the occupants of the gateroom. Elizabeth and the others squated down.

"Close the iris and the gate!" Within seconds the attack was banned and Elizabeth stood up, surveying the damage. "We should paint everything black," she muttered to herself. Carefully she made her way through the debris, behind her Colonel Caldwell was already calling for the cleaing-team.

"Carson? Here's Elizabeth. Could you come with a medical-team in the Gateroom?"


Elizabeth smiled. "Yes."

"Ok, we're on our way. Beckett out."

Finally Elizabeth reached John and his team. They lay on the ground, covered in dust. Except for John everyone looked more or less uninjuried. Teyla and Ford had some scratches, Captain Elliot a small head wound but John's right shoulder was burned. Even if it was only a minor injury, it was enough to scare Elizabeth. Slowly they sat up.

"You all ok?" Three heads nodded 'Yes' but John, still lying on the ground, just murmered something inaudible. Elizabeth kneeled beside him as Carson and his team arrived at the scene.

"Colonel? Can you hear me?" No answer. "John?" Carson tried to feel his pulse but John rolled on his back and opened his eyes, looking straight at Elizabeth.

"My, my, don't we look damn good, little red riding hood," he said and dropped unconcious. Elizabeth's jaw dropped and she turned with that 'Well???'-expression to Carson who just smiled and shrugged. "Slight brain concussion, I guess."

"Aha." Elizabeth poked John but he remained 'dead'. "Well, ok. Get them to sickbay. After they're cleared we wil have our briefing." She looked at the other teammembers. "That's ok with you?"

"Yes, Elizabeth."

"Yes, ma'am," replied Elliot and Ford. Before the medical-team carted them off, Teyla handed her some scripts. "These are what we were looking for. Maybe Rodney can make them out. They are full of sketches and formulas." Elizabeth thanked her. "I'll give them to him, Telya."

In that moment Rodney stormed in the gateroom as if he had sensed they had been talking about him. "Where's the fir... oh, you won already?" He looked dissapointed but turned into full 'geek-mode' as soon as he saw the stack of papers in Elizabeth's hands. "Ahhh, the holy manuals of the Ancients. Let's see..." Taking them from her he began to thumb through the scripts, forgetting everything else around him.

"Rodney?" Elizabeth asked but he stopped her. "First I have to go through it. I'll tell you in the briefing what it is all about, 'k?" He left the room, already deciphering the mystery.

Elizabeth sighed and walked to the control room. "Mike, let's send a message to the SGC and start then the diagnosis-programm."


- SGC, Earth -

General O'Neill was walking down the corridor, every step bringing him closer to his destination. He was happily munching one of his precious chocolate bars. 'It's Friday evening and I would bet every chocolate bar I have that she's still here. Working on her doohickey or whatever she calls it.'

Just as he rounded the corner he heard the faint sound of music and humming. He picked up his ears and crept nearer to the open door. He peeped around the doorframe and nearly chocked on his bar. 'No way in hell...,' he thought.

(Burn you up, we gonna burn you down)
(Burn you up, we gonna burn you down)
So you cross onto the other side of the street
(Burn you up, we gonna burn you down)
(Burn you up, we gonna burn you down)
Should know better than to keep turning up the heat

Sam hummed to the beat, rocking forth and back. It helped her to concentrate and who would see her anyway? But the song also stirred emotions up she wasn't supposed to feel. Feelings for a certain General. She paused for a moment and stared wistfully into space, letting the words washing over her.

Let me tell you how it all works out
Never thought we had so much time to lose
Just learning how to twist and shout
Doesn't matter much which damn beat you use

Not knowing that they thought the same, Sam and Jack lost themselve in the song. 'How often did it worked out but not how we wanted it to? How much time did we spend apart because of the regs? But we will get rid of these boundaries, even if we have to fight for our... love...'

"Everything ok, sir?"

Jack whirled so fast around that he lost his balance and had to grip Sam's door for support. "Lieutenant! Yes, yes, I'm... I'm fine." He cleared his throat. "Carry on with... whatever you were doing."

"Yes, sir."

Taking a deep breath Jack turned back to Sam's lab and nearly got a heartattack. "Geez, Carter! Don't do that," he exclaimed. Sam gave him her 1000-Watt and Jack just had to grin back.

"What were you doing out here, General?"

"Uhm, well, I came... to see... if you... want a chocolate bar?" Jack made his best innocent expression as he offered Sam a bar. "Thought you could use some... suger." The famous O'Neill smirk was back in place.

Sam knew that Jack wasn't telling the truth but since their fishing trip they used every excuse they could find to be together. "Thank you. I really needed that." She gestured in the general direction of her lab. "You want to come in?" Jack's smirk widened. "Sure, you betcha!"

The radio was still softly playing in the backround as Jack followed Sam and took a seat at her worktable. "You can touch everything except what's here on this table." Jack made a face at Sam who's head had already disappeared in one of her doohickeys. "I saw that." And after a beat. "Sir." Jack just glared at her and began to play with the Gameboy that had appeared some weeks ago. He got that weird feeling that it was just for him.

In the city and the rain is falling down
(Burn you up, we gonna burn you down)
(Burn you up, we gonna burn you down)
You can make it happen with your eyes, with your eyes alone

Sam started to hum again as she raked through the mess on the table. Jack lifted his head and just watched her, the Gameboy lying forgotten in his hands.

Suddenly he spoke up. "It were your eyes. At that time it were your eyes."

"Sir?" Sam looked up, puzzled by his words. "What's with my eyes?"

"One year ago. In Antarctica." Sam's eyes widened as she began to understand what he was talking about. It was the first time he brought it up. "When you... froze me... it were your eyes that gave me hope. I knew that look in your eyes was pure determination. They told me to not give up but have faith in you."

Her eyes were filled with tears as he ended and her voice faltered. "Gen... Jack..." Jack moved closer to Sam and took both of her hands in his. "Thank you for being there for me, Sam," he whispered hoarsly. She sobbed and flung herself into his arms, cameras be damned.

"God, I-I missed you so, Jack." He held her tighter, caressing her back, soothing her. "I'm here, Sam. O'Neill with two l's in flesh and sarcasm."

He rather felt than heard her giggle. "Hey, no giggling." Sam lifted her head and Jack whipped the last tears from her cheek. "That's my Carter." He grinned down on her.

"Off world activation! Off world activation!"

Jack groaned. "Daniel has the worst timing."

"Yes, sir." Sam let out a small chuckle. "Hopefully he has the manual."

"Believe me, Carter, he has. He finds everything. In particular new enemies." That statement elicited a laugh from Sam.

Jack smiled and shook his head. "Let's go before you die of laughter." Together they made their way to the gateroom, accompanied by the fading words of the song.

You can make me feel it
You can make me, you can make me, you can make me feel it
You can make me feel it
You can make me feel it
You can make me feel it...

Chapter II: Two steps forward, one step back

- SGCA, Atlantis -

Elizabeth softly knocked on the door of the infirmary before she crossed the threshold. "Colonel? Carson?" She moved further into the room and found John sitting on one of the beds, Carson standing before him, waiting patiently for John to finish his tirade.

"Oh, c'mon, Doc. I'm as good as new. Look." John tried to lift his arm but the grimace he made spoke volumes. "Shit."

Carson refrained from laughing but Elizabeth couldn't bite back a remark. "As good as new. Mmmm. I see." John's head snapped around and he scowled at her. Until he remembered what he had said to her in the gate room. With a groan he flopped down on the bed and buried his head in the pillow. "Please, someone shoot me."

Elizabeth grinned and Carson patted John's arm. "I'll leave you two alone." He handed her two pills. "John has to take these in one hour. Make sure he does, ok?"

"I'm not a small child anymore," sulked John. "No, you're a big child," answered Elizabeth. "Ha ha." Carson silently laughed and walked towards his office. Carefully Elizabeth sat down on John's bed and just looked at him.

"What?" Came the muffled question from under the pillow. "You scared me, you know," replied Elizabeth in a small voice, her fingers plucking anxiously on the bed sheet. John put the pillow aside, sat up and studied her facial expression. As she lifted her eyes to his, John saw the fear in them, fear for his life. Quickly she looked down again, not wanting him to see her 'breakdown'.

"Elizabeth... I'm ok. I always am." He laid his hand on hers, stopping her nervous fingers. "Look at me, Elizabeth." Slowly she followed his plea. "You're my lucky charm, don't you know that?" John smiled at her and drew her into his embrace. "As long as you're here I'll always come back," he whispered in her ear. Elizabeth shuddered and snacked her arms around his waist. "Don't you ever dare to scare me again. That's an order!" John placed a soft kiss on her hair.

"Yes, ma'am."

For several minutes they just sat there and enjoyed their embrace, Elizabeth's cheek pillowed on John's chest and his chin resting on her head. Finally Elizabeth released John reluctantly and stood up. "The briefing is in five. You think you're ready for it?" A small smile appeared on her lips as she saw John's look.

"What did I said before? As good-"

"-as new." She nodded. "Yes, yes, I know. But can't I care for my first officer?"

"Well, if you put it that way...," John grinned cheekily at Elizabeth.


John laughed and together they left the infirmary and nearly collided with Rodney who was totally engrossed in the manuels. "So... that's the number... and this..."

"Hallo, Rodney." He looked up and needed some seconds to focus on them. "Oh, Elizabeth, John." He eyed John's bandage and opened his mouth but John raised a hand. "Not a word. I'm fine. No need to worry."

"I actually wanted to know how it came that such a small wound was able to knock you out." Was Rodney's answer.

John groaned. "Trust McKay to make you feel like an idiot." He slung his arm over Elizabeth's shoulder and shot Rodney a whicked grin. "Well, Rodney, that's for me to know and for you to find out."

"Gentleman, please. Can we concentrate on the more impotant things?"

"Sorry, Elizabeth." Came the slight embarrassed reply.

She nodded satisfied and together they walked to the briefing room where the rest of SGA-1 was already waiting for them.

"Lady, Gentleman. Daniel Jackson has found the other manual." She nodded in Rodney's direction. "Rodney, please begin."

"Well, yes." He sorted through his papers. "Two weeks ago we found here on Atlantis some clues about the 'Holy Manuals of the Ancient'. Daniel was able to translate the hints but only because they were written in Latin. This indicates that the author wanted us to find the manuals. The few information the clues provided were enough for us to localize the planets on which the manuals could be hidden. Apparently the Ancients decided to split the manuals and hide the first part here in the Pegasus Galaxy and the other one in the Milky Way Galaxy."

He opened the manual. "It looks like these manuals are about a weapon. What kind of exactly is probably written in Daniel's part. Obviously our part contains general informations about height, width and lenght of this weapon as well as a construction plan."

John leaned forward. "Construction? As in Do-It-Yourself?" Elizabeth shot him a disapproving look but John just shrugged and mouthed 'What?'. With a sign Elizabeth turned back to Rodney.

"Yes, a construction plan, Colonel. The weapon is divided into..." Rodney looked down on the manual. "...into six, no wait, seven, yes, seven parts. But to get the exact point where this weapon is hidden you need both parts of the manuals." He looked around and sighed.

"Rodney?" asked Elizabeth alarmed . "What's wrong?"

He sat down. "There's another thing. Some paragraphs are written in Ancient. I was able to translate only 2% of that text passages." Several groans were heard. "But that would be a minor problem if that what I've found is correct: It seems as if the Wraith and the Goaul'd have formed an alliance."


"Oh my God."

"That's... impossible..."

"No, if I translated it correct, and I told you it was only very little I was able to decipher, then we have a much bigger problem than SG-1 and the two FBI agents had several months ago because this alliance is older, more dangerous and very deadly."

Elizabeth looked at John. Both thinking the same. "If this alliance is mentioned in the same context as the weapon then maybe the latter is the key to the destruction of the former," Elizabeth voiced her thought.

Rodney nodded. "Yes, that's one possibility. To prove it we have to get both manual parts together. And we have to find a way to translate the Ancient paragraphs."

Elizabeth stood up. "Then it's settled." She turned to Colonel Caldwell. "I'll go back to Earth and therefore you have the command of Atlantis." He noddded.

"Elliot and myself will accompany you," John stated and Elizabeth knew that she wouldn't be able to change his mind. He was willingly to follow her even into hell.

"Good. Telya, Ford, I want you two to stay here and help Colonel Caldwell should something happen." Everyone filtered out of the room until only Rodney, John and Elizabeth remained.

"Do you think we have a chance?"

"If we find the weapon then yes, we could win."

"Then let's hope every positive force that excists is on our side."


- SGC, Earth -

"Soooo, Danny, how was your trip?"

"Jack! I'm in the middle of the explanation!"


Sam chuckled as she saw Daniel's pained expression and decided to save him. "General, I think it's better if we let him tell us what this manual is all about. That is far more important, don't you think so?"

Jack gave up. "Yeah, yeah, you're right."

Daniel sent Sam a grateful look while Jack mouthed 'Traitor!' in her direction.

"Well, like I said before, this part of the manual contains the history of the weapon as well as what one needs for the activation of said weapon. Atlantis has the rest and we need both to find the location of the weapon."

He handed it to Jack who looked confused at Daniel. "Why are you-"

"Look at the paragraph that is marked. Can you read it?"

Jack did as he was told. "No... no, I can't." He looked a little closer. "It's Ancient, ain't it?" Daniel nodded. "Yes, exactly and I thought that maybe because you had the Ancient library twice in your head you could translate some of it." Jack sighed and gave the manual back. "No, I can't, Daniel. I'm sorry."

"That's ok. There was enough Latin-text to get at least some information." He passed a paper to Sam. "This contains a incomplete gate-address but I wasn't able to decipher it." As soon as he had finished Sam took a pen and tried to solve the mystery. Jack was only able to watch fascinated as her hands flew over the paper, marking it here and there. As if she felt his gaze Sam looked up and smiled at him, giving Jack all kind of tingling feelings.


"Oh, what?" Daniel grinned and gave Jack another page of the manual. "This was also written in Latin." Jack's eyes caught one word in particular. "A so-called 'Defender-Weapon? Why 'Defender'?"

Daniel sighed. "It looks like we have a new enemy." Sam and Jack looked confused at Daniel. "You remember the Asgard/Goaul'd incident a few months ago?" Jack nodded slowly. "They tried to create a new kind of Goaul'd/Asgard hybrid with the help of human hosts. That black oil they used was a genetical altered symbiote. If it was injected in the host the hybrid used the host as food until the host died. The hybrid however survived and was more prevailling than an Asgard or Goaul'd alone."

He held the manual up. "In here is a short passage about a Wraith/Goaul'd alliance. Deadlier than the Asgard/Goaul'd one. That allience may not need our 'help'. Instead we will be their food. And only theri food. I hope that the paragraphs written in Ancient may contain more information about said alliance."

Everyone around the briefing table sat in stunned silence. "That's why you asked if I was able to read Ancient. We need someone with the knowledge of the Ancient." Jack said. His eyes met Sam's. 'Who would it be this time...?'

Daniel nodded and pulled the manual closer. "This and here's another requirement: We need three people with the Ancient gene and... wait... eh, yes, they have to be soul-bonded."

Sam turned her head. "Soul-bonded?"

Daniel shrugged. "If we want more information we have to translate the Ancient."

In that moment a Siler's voice came over the intercom. "We have recieved a message from Atlantis. Dr. Weir, Colonel Sheppard and Dr. MCKay will be here in five to six hours."

"Thank you, Siler." Jack looked around. "Well, kids, maybe we will find a solution when the others are here. Carter, you trying to find that gate-address until then?"

"Yes, sir. If Hailey wants to help me...?"

"Sure, ma'am. I'd love to." A smiling Jennifer answered.

"And I will try to find more answers." Together the three left the room.

"Well, T, we two just... wait."

"As you wish, O'Neill."

Then after several seconds: "Hey, ever played 'Scissors, Stone, Paper'?"


- somewhere in the US, Earth -

The SUV slowly drove through the woods. The occupants staring out of the windows, trying to find the cave in which the Repositorium was supposed to be.

"You're sure this is the right forest?" John asked. Mulder looked once more on his map and then studied the landscape outside of the truck. "Yes, it is. I'm 100% sure."

On the backseats he could her Monica and Scully groan. "I swear!"

"We haven't said anything, honey."

John grinned as Mulder winced but said aloud. "We know that Mulder finds every X-File. This one isn't different." Mulder mouthed 'Thank you' to John but in the next moment he gestured wildy in the direction of one of the trees. "There, there was it."

John hit the brake so hard that the SUV nearly tilted and the occupants had to hold on for dear life.

"Jesus, Mulder! Do you want us to die?" Scully whacked him on the arm. "Don't do that again!"

"Sorry but I think I've found the cave." He pointed to a darker part of the forest and Monica opened her door to get a better look. "He's right. There's in fact a cave and the description seems to fit, too." The others got also out of the car and together they walked to the entrance of the cave.

"And you're completely sure that nothing can happen?" Monica wanted to know.

"Like I told you: You need that special gene to activate the Repoitorium. And as far as I know none of us has it."

"Yes but we weren't tested so it could be...," John reminded them.

Mulder sighed annoyed. "Well then we have to be careful what we touch. Or you can stay here!" He and Scully tooke the first steps into the cave.

"No! No, we will come with you." Monica assured Mulder.

"You can take my hand if you want," whispered John to her and Monica smiled up at him. "Thanks." Hand in hand they followed Scully and Mulder in the darkness of the cave.

The only light they had was provided by the small flashlight everyone of them hold. And it was really not enough.


"What? What happened?" Came the anxious question from Scully.

"I hit my head."

"Oh, my brave agent. Is it bad?"

"No, it only hurts a little," pouted Mulder.

Behind them Monica giggled and John coughed, hiding his own laughter.

Mulder glared at them but forgot that they couldn't see it. "Oh damn."

More giggle, this time from Scully as well. "You tried to glare at them, didn't you?"


John's remark was cut short as they entered a enormous hall.

"Woah... that have to be at least 20m if not more."

Slowly and reverent they made their way to the middle of the hall, twisting and turning to see everything. At the opposite wall they saw the Repositorium and Mulder pulled a camera out of his bag, passing a voice recorder to John.

"Let's go and make shots while one of us records what he's seeing."

"We will take a look at the inscription on the walls, ok, Mulder?" He nodded and together the two woman began to wander along the walls.

"This writing looks remarkable like this Ancient one Sam told us about," noted Monica. "You remember?"

"Yes and this is old Latin," affirmed Scully. Carefully they made notes, took pictures and....


They whipped around and the what they saw froze the blood in Monica's venes.

"JOHN! Oh my god, no, no, no, please, no..."

She stormed to John who's head was held by the stone-hand and who tired desperatly to free himself. The intensity of the blinding white light grew with every passing second and Monica was going to panic, she knew it. 'No, not John. I have to do something... help him... somehow!'

"What the hell happened?"

"I don't know! One minute he just stood in front of it and in the next he was a prisoner."

Then as fast as it had happened the 'attack' was over and John slumped to the ground. Monica rushed to him, bedded his head in her lab, gently and soothingly carressing his hair.

"If it's the same what's happened with Jack...." Scully didn't have to speak any further. They all knew that it could end deadly.

"John?" Monica asked softly. "John, can you hear me?" Tears gathered in her eyes. "Please... John..." Her voice broke. "John..."

Suddenly he opened his eyes and looked directly at her. Monica smiled through her tears down at him and grasped one of his hands tightly. "Thank god, you're ok."



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