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How to find water by crashng Teh Moon...

*rotfl* I didn't really believe it at first but the LCROSS project (Lunar CRrater Observation and Sensing Satellite) is about
sending a rocket crashing into the moon causing a big impact and creating a crater, throwing tons of debris and potentially water ice and vapor above the lunar surface.

This impact will release materials from the lunar surface that will be analyzed for the presence of hydrated minerals which would tell researchers if water is there or not.

(mission overview)

In less than two hours we will have some really pissed of little green men knocking our atmosphere down... =D

Despite that possability, I am waaaay to excited about this mission. ^^ Just yesterday night I had my telescope pointed at the moon but unfortunately didn't find the spacecraft. *sigh*

But the crash might be so big that we can view it with the telescope. *bounce*
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