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Flying Fingers of Doom

For two and a half hours I had to fill out our bid on our typewriter because the city counsel doesn't use email and they had sent the about 30 pages via snail mail. Argh!

At least I had only to fill out 12 from top to bottom, the rest was just a here and there but my fingers are now on strike. I'm typing this with my nose. Seriously. *rotfl*

Speaking of snail mail - unlike the Deutsche Post who does ring the bell and hands over the mail, the other postal sevice called Regio doesn't and so we put (in spirit of ) a fake spider under the cover of the mailbox. Now, whenever they scream, we now it's mail time. =D

Now I gotta do the filling of personal files, which I had original planned to do when Dad came with the bid. *headdesk*

Oh and to celebrate with Google the Barcode... (Get your own)

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