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A quarter of a century

First of all I want to apologize for disappearing without a word after my birthday two weeks ago. You guys really made it a wonderful day despite what happened. *falls to her knees and begs*

I love you. ♥

Thank you ankareeda, billy_red_ocean, koryou and scout78 for the amazing gifts! They came in duos! *grins*

Thank you lemon_tree_x, lorettakay and barker9 for the email wishes of awesomeness! =D

Thank you the_seattlegirl and deiann for the virtual gifts. ^^

And a *BIG SQUISHIES* to everyone for their birthday-wishes in their El-Jays. ♥

Now to the not-so-great-for-a-birthday part (OMG, I just realized that my life is a soap-opera!) that resulted in me hiding for the last two weeks with the help of my Mom from the crappy rest of the so-called-family. I mostly spent the time on our roof and counted the falling chestnuts from both our trees (around 800 or so. ^^).

Why? Because my crappy father, brother and both sisters FORGET MY FREAKING BIRTHDAY! As in really-not-remembering. At all.

Yeah, what a great way to celebrate my 25th birthday.

The next day they scrambled to apologize and whatnot, threw a party that day which lasted like 48 hours and resulted in a sugar-high that sucked. And after that and the weekend I really had enough of them and went into hiding. >_<

Now it all kinda fizzled out and they don't speak about it anymore - like if we don't speak about it, it didn't happen. Uh-hu...

I just put it behind me and enjoy the most sunny autumn we have in a long time. :D Mom and you guys are the greatest. EVAR. ^^

I'm sorry for not talking but that's how I deal with such things - even before I had my LJ. I tend to cut all strings and become (according to my Mom) a "lonesome ranger". *lol*
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