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School is out!

I don't know what's been worse:

The two-weeks preparations for the Graduation Party of my sister's school OR the party itself.

Higschool Nightmare! YES! I'm a glutton for punishment but who can withstand this horrible puppy-eyes... me not. Darn. *headdesk*

Days filled with discussion of themes (pink got killed on the second day and anything with less then three pieces of clothes got thrown out right from the start) and timetables, decorations, and and and...

Yesterday, big day, pretty non-disastrous, not too much drunken teenagers (we really did keep an eye on the underagers) and lotsa ice. Cause the theme was "Ice of '09". *snorts* Not mine.

Anyway, missed tons of posts, emails, comments and WAHHHH. The next days will be fun. Heh. ^^

*is off to the cinema with sisters to celebrate 1st day of vacation...T:ROTF...=D*

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