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I found wallpapers...

Ooooookay, water is now under control. I have blisters on my hands from taming 'the waterfalls'. I'm soaked through and through and just want to sleep. But a very nice search engine called Google decided to cheer me up.
Here are some wallpapers I found in the WWW. These are for you. Do whatever you want with them ;) Have fuuuun ^-^


Solar System

Spiral Galaxy



Mr. & Mrs. Smith One

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Two

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Three

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Four

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Five

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Six

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Seven

Alpha and Omega

Bumpy Hills


Cosmic Vision

New Bubbles

Rose On The Dancefloor

Technical Imperfection

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