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Muffins & "Muffins"

After last month's disaster with the Banana-Walnut-Yoghurt muffins, we went now for the BLUEBERRY muffins of love and awesomeness. ♥

No idea what we're going to do for next month but no way I'll agree to anything with more than two words in its description. Nu uh. NO!

I always wanted to try carrots muffins 'cause I'm addicted to our Carrot cake (sometimes with brittle) and since muffins are handier than cake, I'll put my vote for that. ^^

My real-life muffins - otherwise known as sisters - have caught the Twilight virus. *lmao*

They actually dragged me six (!) times to the cinema to watch the drama of "Damn, I'm dead and in love with you while you're alive and weird out" on the big screen with too many fangirls swooning and drooling throughout the movie.

Not that I'm not fangirling a tiny itsy bit myself... *lalala* Okay, so I do but only because they are pretty. Hai. And not only on screen.

Did you know that there are lots of RPFangirls? Robert and Kristen seem to make fangirls blur the line between fiction and reality real fast... that makes me remember the wonderful days of SGA and BSG real people fiction. Hell is so going to be full in now time. *snickers*

Real life (mine, not the one of pretty people) is busy and boring at the same time. Nothing new with that. *sigh*
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