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It's squeaking! But it ain't me...

My brother just had his first experience with a squadron of little ebil devils - otherwise known as children.


So, we were back from a trip to the supermarket (can you belive it? We are out of sweets! *flails*) and at the corner of our street we encountered a group of elementary school students with their teacher.

Walking around them, we heard a squeaking sound.
Teacher: "Hey, who's backpack is squeaking?"

Boy with Batman™ cap: "That guy with the weird hairstyle." *points at my brother*

Me & Jack: O_ô

Girl: "He's got bad shoes. Not fit for snow."

Me & Jack: O__ô

Group: *evil eyes*

Me & Jack: O___ô

Teacher: "Yeah, well, sneakers are really a bad choice for such weather."

Jack: "I'm sorry but these are Chuck Taylor All-Stars™. They walk through fire and snow." *phews*

Says and stalks off. The teacher just shakes her head and the group takes off, too.

Me? Having the time of the day. *grins* Though my brother is right about the Chucks - they do survive everything. :D
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