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Legend of the Seeker - 103 Bounty

It's awesome that they air it at the weekend - enough time to fangirl. =D

Can I say ZOMG?

My favourite scene is the one where they all hang upside-down. Kahlan kicks ass (OMG, the foot-sword-hand move?!) in that one. Atta girl!

Man are all the same (no matter what time. *grins*). Send in a girl and they go gaga. *snickers* Richard should have listen to Kahlan (and hello? The girl nearly got her killed and still he wants to help her? Yuck!) but he's all "damsel in distress". Blah blah. *facepalm*

Nice map (need one for my sisters. *nods*) and TED RAIMI!!!! *flails*

Overall a nicely done episode with both main characters having equal showtime-moments (especially when they fight together... *swoons*).
Tags: tv misc: review, tv pairing: kahlan/richard, tv show: legend of the seeker
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