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Actors and Politics

I really do not understand some actors and directors. They complain about the way the government handles the 'world'. The Iraq-War and the fight against terrorism are just two examples. There are also national situations that are being handled in the wrong way, they say. Now I ask these actors (Hayden Ch. and Viggo M.) and directors (George L. and Roland E.):
If you all know it better than the government, why the hell aren't YOU sitting in the White House?
I mean actor Schwarzenegger was able to become Governor (and -btw- he's not even an American) and he's doing a great job. He had set his sight on it and DID it instead of just complaining and being whiney. Take a good look at him and your government and you'll see how EASY it is to say they're doing it all wrong but how HARD it is in fact to do that job.
You still think you know better? Well then, by all means, keep on being whiney and let the real heroes save your @$$, even if it's not really worth it. I mean, being an actor is really, really hard and you have to make difficult decisions that could change the world (like which dress do I wear on the Oscars *OMG* or do I wanna be a greek guy who has some serious problems?). I have nothing against movies, I love watching them but I think it's better if you just play your role and stay in the 'movie-world' if you have nothing important to say.
It's my opinion and maybe I'm just all worked up but ,damn it, right now the comments about Star Wars being a political motivated movie ticked me of. Sorry guys ^-^, didn't mean to curse.
After all they're just human. Like you and me.

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