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Bones 3x14 & Bones 3x15

Bones 314 - The Wannabe in the Weeds

Okay, I was freaked out by the stalker-lady like woah. The scene with her and Booth in his office? And what's with the first name thing? Gah.

Sweets has my heart. He's a total B/B shipper (esp in 3x13 - her LIKES them...).

OMG the end?! First I got all dreamy when Bones went all girl-that-just-wants-to-have-fun but then stalker-lady went wacko and SHOT BOOTH?

Noooo! Gosh, so wonderful done by both actors. *sigh*

Bones 315 - The Pain in the Heart

Zack? It was Zack all the time? WHAT? W-H-A-T?

I'm deeply disturbed and I'm going to have to watch it again but I'm not sure I like the finale. At all. Not a happy fangirl here. (Can't write long sentences either, apparently...)
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