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Multi-Fandom 'Bullet For My Valentine' Fanfiction & Art Challenge

*sighs* Do you know these times when an idea suddenly pops up out of nowhere and doesn't stop poking you until you give?

That just happened to me. Oh, glory.

My sisters where talking about Valentine's Day and somehow we ended up talking about bullets for valentines. O_o Totally weird out here.

The completely weird out mind of mine decided to turn it into a multifandom challenge for Valentine's Day for which everyone can interpret the theme 'Bullet for my Valentine' as they like.

And then write fiction and/or make any type of art.

Come and join bfm_valentine! Pimping it is appreciated!

OMG, I lost it! Help! Anyone wants to co-mod? You'll get a LJ-Valentine's virtual gift from me. *is desperate*

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