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Lazy Days

I'm not gonna move from my position in the near future. Nope.

We are currently crowding the room of my sisters who are trying out new Playstation games (all nicked from our brothers...) while I'm hogging the couch. And it's heaven. *sigh*

After last week of doom I really need this sister-bonding thing. *luffs* Every five minutes I get a "Meeeeeercy... how do I do that?" or "Why am I dead again?" (my favourite. ^^). They are so cute when they are all irritated. *hee* Good to know that I can google for cheats anytime...

So, last week was office-hell. From Tuesday on paperwork just went POOF and AWOL and it was freakin' not funny. Nuh-oh. And on Friday certain people needed an evalution of last year's December. And guess who had to do it? Yup, me and mom.

My dad's laptop had everything needed but it still took us over five hours. Yuck. I was so dead yesterday afternoon because I had to do the 'general' office work as well. But mom surprised me when I came home at 5pm with pizza delivery!

My family is total love when it comes to deperate times. *nods*

Oh, btw, did anyone of you have ever seen the tv movie Darklight? It's with Shiri Appleby as Lilith, Richard Burgi as Shaw, John de Lancie as Chapel and David Hewlett as Anders. I would have missed it if mom hadn't told me minutes before it started. *flails*

It was aired on SciFi in 2004 and okay, it's not the best but I like it. Of course there was shipping of Lilith/Shaw. *grins* But OMG, David?! WTH?! Lovely. Not.

Until later. Someone died just again. *snickers*
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