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Bunnies and siblings

Have you ever tried to teach a bunny tango or lab dance??? Me neither. But my sis' are doing it *bangs head* Poor animal...

Girls! Stop hurting the bunny! Bending backwards is not part of its repertoire! I'm starting to think of using my hidden powers. How tempting... Ok, enough is enough! I, Jedi-in-training, will save the bunny *goes and tries to use the force*...... oh, damn it! Low energy *shakes the force* (second malfunction this week, does anyone know if you can give it back???) Ah, what the heck, I have to do it the old-fashion way: Scream bloody murder, rush to the crime scene, grab the victim (bunny called Carrot but is pink! My sis dyed it yesterday *help*) and storm out of the house!

.... *dang*...*whoosh*.........*argh*....*zong*...*zwish*... *pokes the bunny* Yes, still alive and breathing *thanks god* Oh, poor bunny *pats pet* Want a cracker?

Why can't I have a normal life? Anyone wants to analyse it? I'm sure a shrink will have the time of his/her life *cringe* You see, my life is far from being boring and most of the time I absolutly love it but right now a desert looks really appealing to me. No sister acts and stupid brothers who behave as if Armageddon is coming (just cause they can't find my hairspray!). Oh, wait, got an idea:

Anyone wanting a bunch of totally freaked siblings? Would trade them for anything, preferable not human! Like shiny shippy stories or vids or wallpapers or icons or or or...! *thinks about it* Na, can't do that to the world. Wouldn't be nice *sigh* Looks like I have to endure them forever. I have to admit, sometimes they are worth a try *hehe*. After all they are my siblings and I'm not an angel either ;D
Oh and the bunny is ok. My sis used this stuff that some people use if they want to dye their puppy...
So that's what happenend in the last 15 min. *Yikes*

Ooooh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY wcspegasus!!!

I'm still in a very swoony mood since I read the spoilers for 'The Siege P3' *bounces up 'n' down on her way to shippy-town* Can't wait to get my hands on them... And I so could kill Jack (not THE one but my bro) cause he killed my cellphone. It has a crack and I can't used it anymore *argh* Now I need a new one *headdesk* Stupid cellphones and bros.

And for this site you'll gonna kill me ^-^ DO NOT TOUCH but if you do you'll need lots of time
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