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Christmas and Happy New Year

Woah. I'm totally out of the loop. Like so much. RL is superebil: it's like Dallas and Denver Clan thrown together. O_o

  1. My sisters (plus our three kinda-adopted sisters) are camping out next to our office AGAIN (that means 24/7 hanging onto me for 1 1/2 weeks now. Yay.) - I missed the start of the winter holidays AGAIN. And therefore their ebil plan of doom.

  2. The evil ex-stepmother of ours (she is my brother's mom - Jack's hiding out at ours.) is trying to play games AGAIN - unfortunately for her my mom is wiser, I'm older and together we girls are so kicking her behind. Dad is blind as ever. Men.

  3. And to top it off, my brother nailed his feet last week AGAIN while working on his wreck of car. Oh boy... that's the third time in two years. Yikes.

And I am so sorry for not thanking you earlier. *hides* For the wonderful Christmas Cards

atomicpagan, shironezumi, jr_moon, kejsarinna, ubiquitous_girl, valeria_sg_1, hipapheralkus, amanda_is_wacky, quietlybemused, Meike and Manda

and the awesome Christmas Gifts

xfairy1013, nessaja82, billy_red_ocean, ankareeda, scout78, kateheightmeyer and lorettakay.

I luff you, guys. ♥ You make Christmas a holiday of love and happiness that I never had before. :)

And to everyone out there

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