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Hmm. Double hmm. Triple, anyone?

I'm gonna hurt cable guy, my dad and brother. No matter how much I love 'em - no one gets between my internet and me.

Sorry, but telling us for five days that "everything will be faster" and "oh so much better" while in fact it all goes downdowndown - that's war. *rawr*

Anyway, that gave me time to completely go wild about Tin Man and Cain/DG. *flails*

There are so many cute scenes between them which I've only seen now. 'Cause I'm making another vid. Yay.

The first hit off like woah. I love you too, guys. ^^

One of my favourite scene, right next to the hugs, is the one in the first part, where they rescure Raw from the blue googah. Raw rawrs at our pretty people and DG looks a bit scared. Cain just rolls his eyes but the second he sees DG angsty look, he goes all macho. And even gives one of these macho lines. *snickers*

Btw, the song I'm using is Deliver Me by David Crowder Band. A cover version of Sarah Brightman's song (which I used for a Doctor/Rose vid. *hee*)

Oh and our postal service sucks, too. No mail this week at all. My parents went berserk.

Have a (hopeful) better week! May your connection be stable and sane! *grins*
Tags: mercy: meep, misc: computer!love, tv pairing: dg/cain, tv show: tin man
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