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Tin Man, Cain/DG and shipping

Honestly, people. I'm a puddle of goo.

Tin Man rocked. Loved the story, the characters and the speeecial efficts. Oh and Cain/DG. *grins*

I love Zooey. And Neal. Wonderful acting from both of them. Emotional and just awww.

Especially the hugging. No other tv show/movie got so much hugging. Jump!hugs (*squeal*), glad-your-back hugs, be-careful-I-love-you hugs and the it's-over-let's-hug-forever hugs.

But seriously, when they say, "all chemistry we see betweenCain/DG, is like father-daughter", you've got some weird thinking. 'Cause I've got no chemistry with my dad. Nu-uh.

Anyway, I shipped them through all three parts like woah. And still do.

I want Tin Man to become a tv show with the cast and writers and all that. That's all I want for X-mas. *sigh*

Made some icons, wallpapers and a music video for Cain/DG. Had lots of time (it's raining cats and dogs and nails) but unfortunately a computer from the Stone Age - no internet connection. Had to wait until I was back in my room. My brother really needs to upgrade...

Icons for Bones, Dhoom 2 and stuff for Tin Man - HERE. Christmas icons - HERE. Yay.

Have a (hopefully sunnier and warmer) weekend! *squishes*
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