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SGA vid and London

I made a new vid but before that just a few words: F*** you, terrorists. You think you scared us? Newsflash! We're not! We are furious! And you know what happens when you make us angry? We are so going to kick your ass! Cause if you can't appreciate our values, you can go back to where you came from and stay there! *flips them off*

I'm still so frustrated and confused. Terrorists are weak people who envy us and our way of life. But they should know that we aren't afraid, we will fight for our right and life! My prayers, thoughts and love ♥ is with you, London.

So with this said, here's my new vid. A Part Of Me by Kurt Nilsen. And I forget to add: It's for you, raylion ^-^

A Part Of Me
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