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Mercy phone home and sparky

Hee, I just finished talking to billy_red_ocean via the phone. Two hours of squeeing, shipping and fangirling - one of the best calls I've ever had, hon. ^^

Stupid batteries. *phew* But man, I feel totally happy - even my sisters' whining over Matrix can't drag me down.

I'd rather watch Stargate Atlantis, but only the first three seasons - without Elizabeth and Sparky it got pretty boring for me. *shrugs*

Btw, Sparky - today I was at the multimedia section of the shopping mall and they had The Storm on one of the new HDTV-TVs. *bounce*

I went all "Yay, Sparky!" and a girl next to me got all wide-eyed "OMG! You know SGA and Sparky?!". We talked for a bit (ehm, fangirled is the better term. ^^) while the rest of the people thought we were crazy or something...

Gonna watch the rest of Matrix now and will probably fall asleep cause I'm a wee bit tired. :D

Hey, billy_red_ocean: USERPICS! ^________^ *muawh*
Tags: mercy: shipper!me, movie: matrix, st. mercy, st. mercy: family, st. mercy: friends, tv pairing: elizabeth/john, tv show: stargate atlantis

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