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Hee. Or more hmm...

I'm updating/checking out myself and my journal which I delayed for far too long 'cause RL got a death-grip on me. *ducks*

You will get a wee bit ranting later this week - when I manage to tweak the 24 hours into 36.

Anyway, while... doing whatever I'm doing I noticed two things:

Journal entries: 973

Comments: Posted: 24,421 - Received: 18,358

Woah, two and a half years and I'm going 1000... niiice. Maybe I can hit the magical number before 2008...

But what's really amusing is that my journal number 6869946 is very similar to my phone number - especially the second/third and last two digits. =D

I feel stalked.

P.S. Cookies anyone? The ones from SUBWAY are delicious. You should try! *nods*
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