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Icons - Moonlight, Blade Trinity and Stock

You know what's really icky? When your sister bursts into your room while you're fangirling. THAT is embarrasing...

The Moonlight animated icons are SPOILER-ish up to the last episode! *dies*

[18 Moonlight Icons]
- o2 Mick
- o2 Beth
- o2 Mick/Beth
- 12 Anicons

[o6 Blade Trinity Icons]
- o2 Hannibal
- o2 Abigail
- o2 Hannibal/Abigail

[o6 Stock Icons]

All that and then some can be found here. :D
Tags: art: icons, movie pairing: abigail/hannibal, movie: blade trinity, tv pairing: beth/mick, tv show: moonlight

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