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RL & TV Shows

Man, what happened to my RL? It's going crazy and takes up waaaay too much time. *nods*

Last week I got up at 6am, was at the office from 8am till 4pm and then had to do 'housework' (as in buying food, make yummy meals and check up on my sisters).

Around 8pm I was dead on my feet and was barely able to follow the shows that aired. Which promptly led to me falling asleep around 10pm. Woohoo.

BUT there are a few plus points at the office that amuses me like woah... ^^

  • Our phone got a bitchy button. *rotfl* It's supposed to show you that missed calls. It does that but doesn't stop blinking once it showed you the information... O_o

  • We have a new client with the awesome name Bones. I got the worst squee-attack ever but the woman was cool and said that she's watching the show too. :D

  • The songs you get to hear on the phone when people connect you to their superiors... I haven't giggled so much in the last year as I did in the last week... *hides*

Wasn't that bad, I admit. Plus I have the weekend with lots of fangirling.

As in Moonlight. *thud* I. Love. It. Couldn't have been better. Yummy Mick, sniffy Beth and a hot Mick/Beth combo. Me loves. *squee*

Blood Ties was great too as was Robin Hood. Marian never looked more beautiful and Guy totally oggled her. While I oggled naked chest of Guy. *grins*

I want to watch lots of The Pretender later, though I'm still trying to find those episodes in which Miss Parker and Jarod have skin to skin conact and not only talk over the phone. Help? *offers cookies*

And I've decided that the weekend is not long enough. Two days is way too short. I want four. *sulks*

*goes back to hunt sisters who stole muffins*
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