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Weekend. Down to one day. Meh.

So, yes, my life is way too busy for my liking right now. Where's time when you need it? Obviously not here. *phew*

Yesterday I was stalked by leaves. Very weird. *nods* And I had a very embarrassing moment:

The phone rang and a nice lady introduced herself, her company, why and if she could please speak my dad in superfast English.

Me -> O_o

"Wah...? Uhm... Please, wait a moment." *flails*


That was so not funny. Only after the call I was able to figure out what she was saying. *headdesk* My mind was totally blank and reduced to simple words. Go me.

My folks had the laugh of their life (especially my mom who worked once for the Britsh Army as a translator. *facepalm*) and presented me with an English dictionary for Dummies.

Though I won't have time to read it (*muah*) cause I'm going to be alone in the office again for two weeks. Our other clerk is on vacation again and will take two weeks off in November and December too. *sigh*

And before I get stuck in RL again, I made a layout for both Moonlight and Blood Ties with 9 headers you can choose from; one crossover, four characters, two cast and two het-ship ones.

[Sneak Peak]

All nicely posted over at street_of_mercy. ^^

*eyes cookies* Gonna watch some Moonlight now... :D *huggles flist*
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