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Terror Moon. Uhm, what?

Just got back from the cinema. Dad and my brother kinda kidnapped me and made me watch Planet Terror.

Cause I'm the only girl in our family that can stand such trashy, gory and yuck horror.

But somehow... okay, yes, I kinda liked it. *hides* Even though Quentin Tarantino's part of Grindhouse is tah better. ^^

And now something different...

OMG, Moonlight's episode 4! *dies* THAT promo picture for it! *flails*

Bite me, yes please! (SPOILER PIC!)

Can they be any hotter? *thud* Two weeks is too long... my poor shipper!heart... *sniff* There are more high-res pictures at Moonlight Detective.

Have a nice day/night/morning/evening/midday wherever you are, my lovely flist! *squishes*
Tags: movie misc: general, movie: planet terror, st. mercy, st. mercy: family, tv pairing: beth/mick, tv show: moonlight
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