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It's over. My sisters' two weeks of school holiday are over and are not coming back. *muah* It was... how do I say it without sounding too facepalm-ed... an adventure of the third kind. Yes, that sums it up pretty good. ^^

On the Monday two weeks ago I was going to the office, suspecting no evil, and WHAM! Suddenly I got two devils sitting in the room next too me. "Uh, hi, we're going to stay here till the holiday is over." Nooooooo! *headdesk*

I love my sisters, I really do, but that was too much: All sorts of girly stuff appeared everywhere and don't let me start on the parties. *eeks* The poor room will never be the same office room it was before the invasion.

It will take some serious counselling and loving to get it back to its former glory... *sniff*

Ahm, anyway, hopefully I have now more time for the more important stuff. Like LJ-ing. *squishes* There might be some spoilers in here...

TV Shows

Yep, I finally watched almost every season premiere and now I'm mixing them all up. Oh the fun. *grins* My favourite so far were CSI, Bones and Moonlight. TPTB did some good stuff this year, especially in these three shows.

Moonlight is the best new show this year, believe me. I wasn't sure if it's worth watching after all the funky comments about it but honestly, this is really a great take on the whole vampire stuff. And the actors are brilliant.

With SGA I'm not really happy, not only with the way my ship is going (which is the total wrong one!) but with the storylines. Where are my cute and lifesucking Wraith? Sure, the Replicators are great and all but didn't they want SGA to be a bit different? *sigh* We shall see.

The rest of the premieres were okay, not earth-moving but they did good. ^^


Aliens and Wishmaster 3 - my brother is totally wacko. I mean, Aliens is awesome and I ship like woah but Wishmaster 3? Uhm, yeah, worst horror ever. Okay, so mabye I did like it a tiny bit but only because of the whole angel stuff. *nods* That was okay. Oh and shipping, yes, that I did there too. *lalala*

Oh and Snow White - A Tale of Terror is so far the darkest take on the tale. And I love it. The story is great, as are the actors and of course the shipping. *innocent looks*


Wheeeee! Guilty Pleasure - An Anita Blake Novel! Thank you so much lorettakay! I'm finally reading it and I luff it to pieces. ♥ I cannot wait to get my hands on the other novels in the series. *bounce*


Moonlight: Mick/Beth - My shipper heart has never been happier. ^^ OMG, I cannot wait for the bite-scene from the trailer... *flails*

Aliens: Hicks/Ripley - My first ship from the Alienseries. Still has me going and squeeing at the most inappropriate times, like when they talk while Hicks shows her how to use the big gun. *sighs*

Aliens: Gorman/Vasquez - Hmmm, I'm still not sure why I'm shipping these two but their last scene together makes me all sniffy and happy at the same time. O_o

Wishmaster 3 - Greg (St. Michael)/Diana - I ship them throughout the whole movie but especially when Greg becomes St. Michael. Usually I don't watch horror movies but for this bit? Like woah, guys. *nods*

Snow White: Will/Lilli - Niiiice. And for once, the movie agrees with me. Yay!

SGA: John/Elizabeth - I want them back. Or TPTB can see where I go. 'Cause the way it is now is NOT FUNNY! What the hell did they think? Sam is great, she's my favourite SG character but she belongs to SG-1 and Jack, while Elizabeth is SGA and John's. Teh end. *sulks*

Sooo, that is it so far. I think. I'm still trying to get back into LJ-mode, get rid of this terrible girly stuff and the constant ringing in my ear.

Oh, no, wait, THAT is the oven. Cookies!

*luffs you and scrambles off*
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