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04 October 2007 @ 09:59 pm
Moonlight - Mick/Beath Icons & Wallpapers  
*sigh* RL really does (h)ate me... BUT a girl forgets all drama and pain when she gets to luff on her new ship. *bounce*

I made icons & wallpapers! *woohoo* The last six icons are spoiler-ish since they are from the first episode and that two scenes... ^^

[24 Moonlight Icons]
- o4 Mick
- o4 Beth
- 16 Mick/Beth

[o2 Mick/Beth Wallpapers]
The wallpapers are in two sizes: One for traditional and one for widescreen.

The rest is here @ my good old graphic journal.

I need suh'gar... *wanders off*
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