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Oh, just some... rambling...

Mmmm, I just checked the birthdays of my friends cause the birthday reminders were killed off. I'm still trying to get them all in my head... *tries very hard* Funny thing is that in every month someone has to celebrate but the most at the beginning of the year. You had to be the first, huh *shakes head*. (The birthday-page can be found at

And I'm still squeeing cause today I get my HP. I tried, I really tried, to stay away from spoilers but I'm such a weak person... *sigh* Hopefully I have time to read it. My sis is lovesick and she wants to go into town to do some shopping. Her method of healing her heart. I'M still trying to figure out why most women do that *ponders*. I go outside with a good book, some chocolate and mope around *headdesk*

Oh, btw chocolate. my mom is still giving me these weird looks. Yesterday evening we ate our last chocolate (the new packet will come this week) and when I saw the sauce I remembered my story and started giggling. My mom shot me this look: Ô.o and that made me laugh harder. She mumbled something about 'sugershock' and 'totally high'. I completely lost it then *thud*. My poor chocolate...

I can only hope that the mail is working cause like I said, I want my HP. And my X-Files Season 9 *bounces in anticipation*. That would mean: 4 books, 1 big DVDset and sweets have to be mailed to be. Looks like a good week to me.

Oh and seramercury? I've got your present. But it will take 4-6 weeks for it until you will get it *bangs head* Stupid, stupid mail! But I swear you'll get it.

Right now I'm writing on the story for ya, johnliz4ever. Hope the first chap will be finished this weekend (if my sis gets over this boogie-boy). Needless to say it's a mountain of work but it's worth the effort ^-^

I've updated my songlist again and you know the drill. Want a song? ---> Drop a comment. Newest songs at the end. Uploads will be done when I'm back. (in other words: tonight when everyone else is dead and I have my peace)

I absolutly can't wait for Stargate: Atlantis to come to us. Which will be next year *pouts & headdesk* Until then my LJ will spoil me *squee*.

Ugh, sis wants to start her 'healing' now. Sometimes I hate holidays. I can only hope I will survive her... *looks rather disturbed*

Edit: Was able to play for a little time *thanks god* but not for much cause now I've a whimpering sis hanging on me *wince* But I'll be strong *nods head firmly*

Edit 2: I always knew it. I have paranormal abilities. My books and DVDset just came *squee* and *drops dead*
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