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Shipping & Suh'gar

Thee ships. *wheee*

We just finished watching The Bourne Ultimatum and again Jason/Nicky totally won my heart. *sigh* The first movie didn't fit well with me cause I don't like Marie at all. But the second and third are making my inner 'lil fangirl flail and love alot. ^^

And the best part is that there's definitely an option for a fourth movie... :D

Today was relatively lazy even though the printer sucked big time. *phew* And since I know that some of you had a bad start into the week...

Hopefully the rest of your week gets better! *squishes*

Oh, and due to the inhalation of too much suh'gar...

Global Wooming: A total lie. If it was true my feet would be burning and not freeze off. The warmth would worm it's way through the planet. It doesn't do that. Got stuck somewhere under the Pacific.

Young cookie, may the tea be with you: Yup, don't play with your food or you get the most weird ideas. Baaaaad.

Love you, guys! ♥
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