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Week End. Yep. Yay!

*sneaks in*

Last day of my two 8-hours-at-work-weeks. Woohoo! And now weekend! Though I'm probably going to sleep most of it... From now on it won't be as heavy even though I'm working from around 11am till 4pm. But that's okay. :)

No one wants to share cookies with me. *pouts* (Mom doesn't count. She's totally addicted to the mega!choco!cookies. Not cool.)

Mona is... somewhere while michithachica is going to have a sleepover at a friend. I hacked she gave me her password and got told to "pimp a bit around" in her LJ. Riiiiiight. *muawh*

I have the feeling my brain is goo and sloshes from the left to the right... ewww... I really should not watch horror movies late at night just because Mom is bored and we both can't sleep.

Now little Mercy must find real food and hot chocolate. I'm freezing to death. Take care! *squishes flist*
Tags: mercy: suh'gar, mercy: work, st. mercy, st. mercy: family
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