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Time... what's that again?

Phew. Double Phew. With a cherry on top. *nods*

So what if our office is still doing work in old school-style? I happen to like it. The computer won't be used until the middle of September and we only got one cause Mom and Dad thought it would make things easier for me. *luffs them*

But I have to admit that the way we've done thing until now... it's not as bad as it sounds. Sure, maybe it's a bit workloaded but we managed pretty good. ^^

We're still using this old file card system (for every client one card with all the data written on it) and a typewriter.

Yes, a typewriter. An Olympic, I think. And though the whole typo thing makes me go flail from time to time, I love it! *nods*

Therefore certain people should not mock teh old school. Nu-uh. *shakes finger*

And while I had to wait for my uncle to repair the typewriter, I thought about a way to embed my music videos from my website without using a third party. And I found a way! *bounce*

Still tweaking here and there but I'm quite happy with it. ^^ Especially since YouTube and DailyMotion decided to do this scanning-your-vid stuff and then tell you it's all illegal. *facepalm*

I'm still a bit jet-lagged from the weird-long hours and next week cannot come soon enough. *grins*

Love you, guys! *squishes*
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