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Oval Office and Friends

Woah, two weeks in the oval office and boy, I never thought I could love working so much. ^^ Even though the hours were bit wacko (from 10pm to 4pm) but since the office is right next door, that's more than okay.

The next two weeks will put my skills to the test because our co-worker in the office is on vacation. I have the office all to myself... *wibbles* From 8am to 3pm I manage everything with the help of my mom in case I start to flail. :D

We are doing facility/building management and even though it's alot of work, my dad loves it. My dad's grandpa founded the company back in the 1920's and it's been in family hands ever since. And if my brother gets his lazy back off the proverbial couch, he will become dad's student while I'm already mom's.

Family business can be fun. *nods*

So, from Monday on, I won't be around much, although I'll try to get online in the evening. *clings to LJ* I will find a way. Anyone got a map? *grins*

@ scout78: Hab die BSG Leutchen in einen Umschlag gezwängt. Mal schauen, ob die liebe Post auch suh'gar-high ist... *knuff*

@ billy_red_ocean: Mit der Mail ist es nix geworden. Ich weiß auch nicht wie's mit deinem Internetzugang steht. *drück* Hab deswegen auch die Postkutsche losgeschickt. XD

@ koryou: OMG, virtual LJ cookies! Sooo yummy! *knuddel* Danke, Süße! :D

Cookies. Good keyword. I managed (together with certain siblings of mine. *pats*) to bake mega!cookies. Go me! Their diameter is around 15 cm/5 inch and one half is with dates and the other with... chocolate chips! Who would have thought... *snickers*

I hope you all had a good week and not too much stress. Love you, guys! *squishes*

P.S. To all who know about FUYM: You made the community the bestest place in the Net. Thank you so much! ♥

Edit: And if you need "sexy men daily for your little fangirl heart", go and join schnuffi_daily! Now! *bribes with cookies*
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