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Friends and Work

Awwww! *squishes you all*

obsessed_psyco - ZOMG, a sheep!!! *luffs* The card is teh love. ^^

gazlynn - Ha! Grüne Männchen und Weibchen! *lol* Wer hätte das gedacht... =D

xfairy1013 - You know, I'm sooo envious of you right now! Such a beautiful card! *clings*

scout78 - Ach, Süße, du bist einfach echt einmalig! Bon Jovi! *squeals* Und OMG, die Doku's! *flails*

I'm sorry I didn't say thanks earlier. ^^' You guys are really made of awesome!!!

RL is absolutely not made of awesome. The job is really great but you know, one would think that grown men, who tell everyone they have an awesome computer and a supercool program for their tasks, know how to use said computer and program. Right?

Not here. Bloody idiots. *phew* Mom and I have to redo almost every single of their papers every damn time... *headbang* But today we told them to either get it right in the future or we're going to use drastic measures... *evil grin*

I'm guarding chocolate muffins and very big date cookies. *beams* All made by yours truely. Maybe I can take pictures - if I find my camera... *hmmm*

What? Don't look at me like that. I'm hungry. *nods*

*goes to hunt down the rest of teh sweets*
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