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Days go by...

Woah, busy three days much? First my sister accidently downloaded a virus on my laptop and I managed to barely save it and get my firewall back. Go me.

Then we watched "The Hitcher" so many times cause we really love cheesy horror remakes. *grins* The original is still the best but, honestly people, Sean Bean and Sophia Bush in one movie? *flails* Hot as hell. *nods* And hey, I'm sure there have been worse couples shipped...

And I'm not making a John/Grace video for "The Hitcher". No-hope. *innocent looks* Should be up shortly.

RL is keeping me busy anyway since I'm becoming the right hand of my mom in our company. On the record. Off the record I'm working for her since I've been 15. *beams* *wibbles*

I want cookies. Love the cookies. *eyes her secret stash*
Tags: mercy: real life, misc: computer!love, st. mercy, st. mercy: family
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