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DNA, Folks, NASA and Fangirling

One week. I'm gone for seven days and LJ goes BOOM. *shakes head* I have to catch up big time...

My dear ebil virus got its behind kicked. And in the process I finally found out that my DNA was screwed from the beginning. There's a little mutation that my doctor is still trying to figure out. No idea what it's supposed to do but since I never had problems, I'm okay with it. Someway.

My brother has an inner fangirl. I mean fanboy. *lalala* We were watching The Hitcher and despite this remake being ways behind the awesome original, we totally started shipping John and Grace. Honestly, have you seen the deleted scenes? If my brother hadn't got the Special DVD Set, I would have never thought about it.

Any more UST and it would have been more a like a jealous lover going on a rampage than a road killer. *nods* I loved the interaction between Sean and Sophia. Hee, the songs were fantastic, too. *biggrin*

In case you're interested, a fanfic by cidercupcakes. It's NC-17 and takes place after the movie. Oh and yeah, it's John/Grace.

Since yesterday we alos have a new show we love and ship. The Invisible Man is from 2000 and why the hell did I miss it back then?! *whines* Darien going all quicksilver is brilliant (my brother is still hung up on that. *rollseyes*) while I prefer the Darien/Claire interaction. *winks*

Especially the moments in the second season. Why did TPTB have to kill this show, too? I'm starting to get really icky with them. *sulks*

We found out that booze in space is not a good idea. Your driving skillz go poof and you could hit a planet. *flails* And that would be baaaaad... *snickers*

And finally I want to thank you all for your get-well-wishes back when I told you about me being sick. *tacklehugs* You are truely the best band ever. :) Thank you so, so much! ♥
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