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Save me?

I've been kidnapped. By my own sisters. Which alone is kinda wrong on so many levels.

And this computer I'm writing from has the worst keyboard ever. Half of the keys are missing and it jumps everytime I press "Enter"...

We're squashed in their room (which is the coolest room right now *woohoo*) and playing various Playstation games. My character was just killed off. Stupid me. Now I have to wait for the next round. *sigh*

I want to write my Transformers review! But can't. Got stuck with baysitting. Which has been disguised as kidnapping. Whoopie.

Hmmm, interesting... my sister got lots of naughty stuff on her computer... *is nosy like woah*

Anyway, I have to live with gummybears today cause cookies are out. Lots of sugar for little Mercy. Looooots of it. Lotsie!

HA! Mona's character is dead too. New round!

*huggles flist*
Tags: mercy: real life, mercy: suh'gar, misc: computer!love, movie: transformers, st. mercy, st. mercy: family
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