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Woah, tut me!

I just finished my ninth tutorial over at street_of_mercy...

I see steps all the way... *lalala*

There are also two icon texture sets, one icon masks set, the usual light blobs and one big texture set...

They're all nicely tagged here *grins*

I luv my Photoshop. And my choco crackers! Nearly as yummy as choco cookies! So around 98.372865273 % yummy. Shake it! Bite it! Choke it! Oh, no, wait, that's not nice. *nodsnods* That's ebil. We rather choko it. Yep, that's better. *smiley*

I think I had too much SUH'GAR again... *flails out*
Tags: art: resources, art: tutorials, mercy: suh'gar, st. mercy

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