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Love is on air...

ZOMG, xfairy1013!!! *flails* You are the bestest friend ever XD I love you like so much!!!

We banned all RED pens and unfortunately they were so many that we had only a few BLUE ones left. *wibbles* And now I get three of the coolest PENS ever from you! *squishes* You are a true pensaver. *grins*

And the bookmark! I've never had such a cute one before! ♥ Thank you so much, hon. *tacklehugs*

For those who watch Earth 2, I found something very amusing ^^ In 1x05 - Promises, Promises you can see around 9:25 a big, fluffy mirco!

See, Mirco!Love...
Tags: mercy: real life, misc: funfunfun, st. mercy, tv show: earth 2
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